Physiological botany

We are interested in the genetic control of plant developmental programs, in particular, the control of root vascular development, the development and evolution of reproductive organs and, the regulation of the plant stress adaptive response. 

Reseach and education

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The department is involved in three courses at bachelor level: Physiology (15 hp), Cell Biology and Plant Structure and Function (15 hp), and two courses at master level: Functional Genomics (15 hp) and Plant Growth and Development (15 hp). These courses are part of the Master Program: Genetic and Molecular Plant Biology, run jointly at UU, SLU and SU.

Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala

The research programme in physiological botany contributes to the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala, a collaboration between Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Picture: Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala